Erin Kinder

Erin Kinder

An entrepreneur and leader, Erin Kinder founded Kinder Surprises Antiques in 2014. Over the past few years she has led Kinder Surprises Antiques through exponential growth, even going on to win an award in the 2018 Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence.

Erin Kinder and husband

"I always said I’d never marry a farmer and I’d never live in Davidson."

"Now, those are some of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Well that and my three gorgeous, free range kids. And the other, following my dreams and setting up my own business, Kinder Surprises Antiques."

Erin Kinder with branded t-shirt

"It's a bit of a one woman show;"

"I pack my own trailer, take my own photos, do my social media marketing, do all the buying, heaving around and curating in the barn. It's awesome and every day is very different from the last."

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