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Past Favourites

1932 Burbank Spencer Foundry Stove

This stove was in amazing condition and had a rare pedestal base with original water reservoir. This six burner, green enamel cast stove was such an awesome find. Lucky to have had it!



Wooden Insulated Container

This wooden insulated container was very cool and could have numerous uses. Definitely a unique find. 

Wicker Love Seats 

Perfect for a sun room of patio space. These wicker love seats were in really great condition, and got snatched up quickly. 

Uranium Glass Set

Gorgeous, hard to find uranium glass set. Was in great condition 

German Enamelware Mail Holder

Was technically a mail holder, however could have numerous uses. Such a neat piece. 

Bayonet Unknown Origin

Likely French origin. This 26" long bayonet came as found. No serial numbers but it had a mark of the king with crown. It came with a leather and metal guard and had a serrated blade. Very unusual and exciting find. 

 Cute Farmhouse Door

This was an awesome for painted in a fun vibrant colour. Definitely a staple in someones home. 

Galvanized Bath Tub with Cast Iron Details

These would of been the perfect planter for your garden. They didn't hold water, but nothing a little welding wouldn't fix. However, good drainage for plants. Both of these bath tubs didn't last long in store before they were snatched up. 

Bauer Bowl

Just a great bowl. Awesome colour. Everyone loves a good bowl. 

 Brass Owl Holder Thingy

This was a fun piece to have. Unique and unusual!

Church Window